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Road trip! Filming the trades in action

Summertime brings the celebration of 150 years since the Canadian Confederation. In commemoration, the team embarked on an old tradition in this country: the road trip. It's important to take a moment an recognize the importance of in-kind contributions to our project. Like many effectively mobilized research projects, Job Talks relies on a network of partners for all kinds of resources. Our partner, Skills Ontario, has been invaluable in providing a forum for our team to meet like-minded individuals to participate in our project. This in-kind contribution has been essential to the production of our video series and is part of the reason our road trip was possible. The team traveled to Sudbury, Ontario, where we had the pleasure of being hosted by Vale. We interviewed several employees for our video series before visiting the Big Nickel for the obligatory tourist shot. Here we are, with me looking particularly uncomfortable from the sun in my eyes:

Another enthusiastic supporter of Skills Ontario, Georgian College, also played host to the team. We had the pleasure of visiting both campuses in Midland and Barrie during our trip to film more interviews and footage of the trades in action. Good weather for the rest of the month promises more travels and filming. The team will be active across Southern Ontario over the next few weeks. We're seeking more tradespeople to interview and film in action. If you're working in the automotive, construction, or piping trades and want to participate in the project, contact us today!

- Benjamin Millard, Research Assistant


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